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Would you be available to meet on April 21st or 22nd in New York City, to help us work out some details of a new organization intended to help artists release works for public, audience-based distribution?

The new organization is called the “Free Culture Trust” (FCT). It's the project of a consortium that includes the Wikimedia Foundation, Creative Commons, the Free Culture Foundation, Question Copyright, and some artists who have already done successful free distribution of their works.

We started this because we keep hearing from artists who want to try unrestricted disrtibution that actually doing it is more difficult than they expected. First, there's some bureaucracy in just choosing & applying a license that conveys the lack of restriction. But there are hurdles beyond that too, such as:

  • Interference by mistaken or confused copyright claims (e.g., YouTube sometimes blocks access to a freely licenced video because their detection system doesn't realize the content is authorized);
  • Making sure other artists are aware that they don't need to ask permission to build upon the prior work;
  • Handling misattribution or missing attribution when appropriate (a freely sharable work still has an author, after all);
  • For bequests that free a work after the author's death, the handling of estate law can get quite complex;

… etc, etc.

The idea behind the Free Culture Trust is to provide a central organization that specializes in handling most of these situations, so that artists don't have to become lawyers just to release their work to the public. Releasing works for free distribution should be easy. Currently it's not, and we'd like to fix that.

The most important thing we can have at this stage is input from you – from artists who have released, or considered releasing, some of their works freely. So we're holding meetings over two days in April, the 21st and 22nd, at 1995 Broadway, 17th floor in Manhattan, and we'd be very happy if you could come by and share your experiences and thoughts.

Are you game?

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